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Animation for change management

It’s life at work. A change usually comes with its fears. Why do we have to change? It was working so well up to now?

Then you need to le the change make sense, explain, let users understand and accepté by themselves. Or even better, ask them how to do even better. But this is another story.

Valorissimo, a real estate network, turned its reservation contrat process to digital. Reservation contrat, the very heart of the sales cycle, has been revolutionised by this technology change.

All sales persons in the network had to be informed upstream. Arts & Bytes® proposed and made a CGI animation to make this change a simple and comforting message, followed by a detailed tutorial to show the entire new process step by step.

The short movie was played in front of the company’s sales interlocutors, and received warm applauses. Valorissimo managers then made a tour, showing the short animation, answering to questions, encouraging partners to watch the tutorial.