We make movies. The digital technologies have changed our lives and continue to. New usages require new producers. We produce innovative movies and help directors, producers, artists materialise their projects in this evolving digital world. We put together arts and the appropriate technologies, making it simple.Arts & Bytes® was founded by Fred Pirat in 2011 and supports his activities: writings, radio & film production, web experiences.

As a writer, director and media producer, Fred combines his experience of corporate organisations, media creation and some deep digital technologies skills.

Fred Pirat • Writer Director Producer • +33 6 62 01 75 64


A Soundtrack for a WebSite?

Fred PiratSound is a whole universe by itself. I have started as a sound engineer prior to expanding my passion to image, lighting, CGI. Sound remains a kind of deep vibrating line in my creative DNA.

Providing a soundtrack to this website make it closer to a new kind of storytelling. Web tells stories as much as movies or books. It’s just new and under exploration.

Put your headphones on; Enjoy the 3D sound mix.

Music credits: Intoxicated Piano – In My Dreams.

Sound design elements : “Auvidis Sound Library Records”, made by talentfull sound engineers from Radio France.