A French girl on the prairie

A French Girl On The Prairie

The book of a true adventurous childhood. In 1910, at only 12 years old Marie Delos leaves Paris for Montana with her mother, having arranged to meet up with a cousin. She tells the story of her incredibly hard life, in the middle of a spectacular and dangerous land. An unusual and fascinating narrative set […]

Eh! Your invisible-me knocks on the door!

The sky is dark, grey, insipid, as often in Paris, France area. No luck. This morning I have a couple of hours in front of me. With a sunny weather, I would have taken my bike for a photo ride in the fields around. But how do you want to take photos without the light […]

Happy people have only one life

5:00pm. Richard leaves his office box. Climbs into his car, turns the key. News on the radio. Forty minutes’ drive under a light rain and he is at home, falling in a comfortable armchair offered by his wife fifteen years ago. Before he presses the remote control, Richard hears some brainwashing music coming from his […]