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Eh! Your invisible-me knocks on the door!

The sky is dark, grey, insipid, as often in Paris, France area. No luck. This morning I have a couple of hours in front of me. With a sunny weather, I would have taken my bike for a photo ride in the fields around. But how do you want to take photos without the light source? Photo are exclusively made of light. No sun, no sunny nice photo.

This is precisely the point where I changed my day. And my life. I took my bike. Camera battery charged. No rain. Let’s go.

I made different photos. I don’t know if it’s good, this is not the question. It is about feeling the plenitude. At the right place, at the right moment, without reasons. This makes you happy. It makes you conscious to spend some minutes of your life in a deep harmony with who you are. A short chosen moment of eternity. Something you can bring after death.

It’s not easy to finally decide doing things we need the most. We’re good soldiers, living amongst others, giving our time for “useful” missions, filling roles the best we can. At work, at home, everywhere. We have to. To share with others, feel how the society sends you back your own image embellished. We all need this daily feedback from our family, friends, colleagues, managers. It makes you exist. But this is not the more important and this is not enough to feel happy.

What we need the most is frightening because it has no rational explanation. Because it awakes our deep human being, always invisible, ignored, incurably folded away by the good-soldier invading activity. Your invisible-me.

“It’s not important. I can do that later.” Big mistake. This little thing (It can be taking photos or anything else) makes you happy. It fills your invisible-me. You don’t know why and how. But it happens this way.

The first challenge is to perceive the importance of it. We are ultra-performant r hiding our deep human being behind a non-thought blind life. We spend our lives holding our breath. “I’ll call him/her, but not now.” or “One day I will contact this company.” or “I could make a stop in this beautiful place, I’m not late. (but I will not)” So reasonable, comforting to stay in the good-soldier tracks.

The second wall, once we face the fact, is to find the courage to act now. Why is it so hard to accept the importance of a non-rational so discreet desire? Because all the rest of our life is built on a mistaken pseudo-rational house of cards. You know that. We are afraid that a true moment of life could blow it all out. This is false. Being a good soldier is not incompatible with your invisible-me. You can have both. You need both.

Start trying today. Try to listen to the invisible-you. That can change your day. That can change your life.

In case your invisible-me asks for more pictures, Fred’s sunless-happy photos “I live there” stand on Flickr.