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This garden doesn't exist anywhere. But you can see it.

Imagination drives.

We believe that imagination is the #1 force in the universe.

You are lucky.

Your eyes open
every morning.

What you see has to be beautiful.

The power is in the team.

Working together lets you go beyond yourself.

Emotion is energy.

We reveal the intensity of life.

Here are our values.

This is what we make movies with.

Listen. Design. Validate. Plan. Create. Deliver.

This is the way we work.



• Visual Effects • Animation Works • Digital Contents Production •

The New Alchemy of Visual Arts and Technology.


We make movies. The digital technologies have changed our lives and continue to. New usages require new producers. We produce innovative movies and help directors, producers, artists materialize their projects in this evolving world. We put together the arts and right technologies.

Animation Works

Matte Paintings, Virtual Decors, Realistic Virtual Scene Elements, CGI Movie Sequences Production.

Corporate Films

Corporate films embedding advanced visual effects. Low budgets and major impact on the audience.

Arts Marketing Contents

Scenic Website for Artists and Movie Productions. Interviews, Teasers, Behind-the-Scenes Filming.

Visual Effects

Image Keying, Trackings, Compositing, Virtual Elements Effects, Virtual Decors.

Opening and CLosing Credits

Short & Feature Films, Graphical + Sound Design of the whole Movie Sequence.

Sound Design Works

Sound Design for Radios, TV, Shorts and Feature Films. Stereo, Dolby Digital Works.









Arts & Bytes® was founded by Fred Pirat in 2011 and supports his activities: writings, radio & film production, web experiences, sales enablement consulting.


New communication challenges require new content producers and imagination. As a writer, director and media producer, Fred combines his experience of corporate organisations, media creation and some deep digital technologies skills.


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Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C. Clarke -


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